Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roe vs. Wade...a reflection by Sr. Kathleen Yeadon

Readings Isaiah 57:15-19
John 20:19-23

Today is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion.

Jesus, You are the Word of Life,
The Alpha and Omega,
The Source of all life.

Let us Pray: Creator of all Life
You made us in your image and we have desecrated the dignity of so many lives.
Renew in our days, the awe of the sanctity of life. Give us hearts that reach out to others without condemnation but your compassion. We ask this through Jesus the merciful one.

38 years of legalized abortion—an industry that permeates so many lives. We have no clue how it saturates the thinking of our country. Does anything have worth—that does not benefit us? Are we willing to be inconvenienced? Is pleasure the highest ranking value in our country?

Our readings today speak of God extending forgiveness to the world in the midst of drowning in fear and sin. We as religious sisters have an incredible opportunity to be sources of forgiveness in the world. We also have the opportunity to model self-sacrifice and right judgment.

We can also be caught up in fear and apathy. How is God using you to be a light in the world? Today—extend peace to yourself, each other and to the world—ever so quietly.

For our country—that we willing look at the true nature of the evil of abortion,
We pray to the Lord...

For all who work with women in crisis pregnancies. We pray to the Lord...

For all who have suffered with the sin of abortion—that they may find the forgiveness and healing they seek. We pray to the Lord...

For all aborted babies—that their deaths bring an end to this horrible industry. We pray to the Lord...

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