Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8th Graders Serve at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen

My experience at the soup kitchen this time was similar to last time in many ways. This time I went with Lynn and Sara. While there I worked at the drink station serving apple juice and a variety of other drinks to the people coming in. If there was anything that was similar to last time it would be the number of people who came in there. I was absolutely amazed at how many people were there. If I were to guess I would say most were men, although I did see a couple women every now and then. I will tell you this much I had never seen people as hungry as they were. While working at the drink station, I noticed some people come by and pick up two or three drinks. That really got me wondering how many times they ate a week compared to us. Another thing I noticed is how messy a job like this could get. Altogether I would say Lynn, Sara and I spilled drinks about ten times. I would say things ended up getting at least a bit messy. In my opinion, it really does not matter how messy you get or how messy things get. What matters in the end is the satisfaction you know you did a good job, helped others, and most of all followed your vocation of knowing, loving and serving God.
(Matthew D.)

This was my second time going to the Soup Kitchen. This time there wasn’t as many people volunteering like last time but it was still fun. One thing I noticed this time was that I saw more women than last time. I noticed that there were a few more different faces than last time. I was in charge of the Italian salad and fruit salad.

One thing I just love to see are the smiling faces of the people I serve at the soup kitchen. It just gives me this good feeling. When leaving the soup kitchen I have a good feeling inside that I have done something good for a person in need.

(Sara C.)

My second trip to the soup kitchen was similar to my first trip. The main difference was that there were more people than the first time I went. I think there were more people because it was in the winter, and they needed more food. Most of the people I saw there were the same as I saw the first time. The message I got from going the second time was no different than the one I got the first time. The message I received was how lucky I am to have a house, food, and all of the other things I have.
(Lynn J.)

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