Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jesus Grew in Age, Wisdom and Favor

The 6th graders and I came across a passage from Scripture...Luke 2:52...Jesus grew in age, wisdom and favor. I keep thinking about that. I think the word that strikes me most is favor. What does it mean to grow in favor? Favor of what...or of whom? For Jesus it was in favor of God and God's people...for us it is the same. Growing in age happens naturally, growing in wisdom happens as we stay open to God in our daily life experiences and being aware of God's presence in our lives as we journey towards our heavenly home. So how do we grow in favor? Another way to look at this is to ask ourselves how we grow in holiness. I asked my students this very question. We came up with a terrific list.

To grow in favor or holiness:

  • Above all else we must remain faithful to our prayer life. Our prayers keep us connected to God. We take time to pray the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
  • We must strive to hear God's voice in our daily lives and walk in a manner pleasing to our God.
  • We seek ways to put God first, others second and ourselves last.
  • We are the first to serve the needs of others.
  • We stay faithful to the Sacraments and take time for Adoration as often as we can.
  • We cultivate peaceful hearts and strive to be kind and gentle with everyone...even ourselves.
  • We never miss an opportunity to give God thanks and praise.
  • We stay faithful to the 10 Commandments.
  • We live the Beatitudes daily.
Take time to reflect on how you grow in holiness. If you have any tips for us please leave them in the comment section! Be assured of our prayers for you today.


Lori Johnson said...

JOY.... Jesus, Others, Yourself

Anonymous said...

When I think of holiness, I think about trying to live in the present moment the best way I can. Taking whatever the moment offers as if given by God Himself and taking care to fulfill the obligations of my vocation. Sometimes I imagine that Mary is a guest in my home and that always helps me to be more faithful. Having Jesus or Mary as a companion is a sure way of growing in holiness!

Kathy Willis

Anonymous said...

Great Question, Sister Nicolette!
The list that your students came up with is excellent! I would say that I strive for holiness by beginning each day in prayer and with a spirit of gratitude. This has helped me appreciate those in my life and to experience the presence of God daily.
I'm looking forward to reading other responses.
Mrs. Buckley

Anonymous said...

Your words about winning favor with God have inspired me. If you practice even one of these holy suggestions you are winning God's favor. With Thanksgiving coming, we can approach each day with grateful hearts that you have such a wonderful teacher as Sr. Nicolette. She is God's living voice speaking to you each day. Listen and you will find favor with God. Thank you for your inspirational thoughts on finding favor with God.
Sr. Sharon Bierman,OSB