Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's Your Favorite Mystery of the Rosary...Part 2

More favorite Mysteries of the Rosary by the 4th graders. What beautiful children of God they are!

As sad as the Crucifixion led to something happy...The Resurrection. The Resurrection is my favorite Mystery because all the torture Jesus went through just for us had a happy ending. I'm glad to know He came back like God promised. Now, when I look up at a cross I'll always remember what Jesus went through. I pray every day. Thank you to Our Lord for going through what He did. He didn't fight back and He didn't complain. He took it like it was no problem. That's why my favorite Mystery is the Resurrection!
(Hope K.)

My favorite Mystery of the Rosary is the Descent of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit comes down from heaven to help us with all of our decisions.
(John P.)

The Crucifixion is my favorite because Jesus Christ spills His blood for everyone in the world to forgive the sins we all make. Thank you Lord, God!
(Sarah S.)

My favorite Mystery is the Agony in the Garden. I like this mystery because Jesus is about to spill His blood for us.
(Jacob T.)

My favorite Mysteries are when Mary and Jesus went to heaven because Mary is now Queen of Heaven and Earth! When I look up in the sky and see a star it reminds me of her!
(Ethan B.)

My favorite Mystery is The Birth of Jesus because Jesus is born!
(Jillian S.)

I like The Birth of Jesus because it is the day Jesus Christ was born and it is just a very magical day. It is so beautiful, and I'm sure that Christmas is almost everyones favorite holiday! I love Jesus Christ!
(Katie K.)

My favorite Mystery of the Rosary is The Resurrection because Jesus saved us all!
(Leo O.)

The Transfiguration is my favorite Mystery of the Rosary. Peter, James and John went up a high mountain to pray to God. The Jesus transfigured Himself to show them what He will look like at the Resurrection. He did it so they will recongnize Jesus after the Resurrection. Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus!
(Samantha S.)

My favorite Mystery is The Resurrection because Jesus rose from the dead and stayed on earth for 40 more days.
(Eli B.)

I love The Birth of Jesus because it was a happy time and it was when God's Son, Jesus Christ was born!
(Haley A.)

My favorite Mystery is The Baptism of Jesus because it was a very holy moment and because Jesus' cousin, John, baptized Him.
(Issac H.)

I like The Birth of our Lord. Jesus helps us get closer to God the Father. Jesus forgives us our sins. Jesus gives us glory!
(Billie S.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for posting the 4th graders' favorite Mysteries. I love reading their explanations, they reveal so much of their wonderful spirit!
Mrs. Buckley

Anonymous said...

I love theese they are so good i bet almost all cof the mysteries are on here i havnt got a chance to read all of them but they show how holy holy name of jesus catholic school is


Anonymous said...

Sr. Nicolette and Fourth Graders, How inspired I am by your reflections! After reading your thoughts, I felt compelled to think about each and every mystery and the magnitude of each. GOD LOVES US SO MUCH!!!!

Thank you for sharing God's love in all you do, Mrs. Fleming

Anonymous said...

Sister Nicolette!
I remember learning about this stuff in school and when you helped us review..... even the vocab it all really helps
Il be back to visit soon
Class of 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
I think the fourth graders did an super job of posting their favorite mysteries of the rosary


Anonymous said...

I think they are all so good.I have"nt gotten to read them all yet,but looking very forward to reading them.

Eric West

Anonymous said...

I love all of thees 4th grade writings.I read almost all of then. I hope you write more.

Jack Wubbolding

Anonymous said...

Sister Nicolette, i injoyed reading all of these i bet they know them be heart