Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Vocation Essay by Mark B., 7th Grade

How Religious People Have Changed My Life...

Before I attended Holy Name religion wasn’t one my top priorities. I was a kid who had mostly attended public school and didn’t attend church much. That changed when I went to Holy Name.

Many people have taught me how to know, love, and serve God. One of those people was Father Jerry. He was the pastor of Holy Name when I first attended. He was very nice. I would listen to him read the Gospel and take in the knowledge. I remember him reading the story about the sermon on the mount. He also kept it interesting while still teaching us about God. His sermon weren’t really long yet they were still packed full of information. I loved to listen to his sermons, they taught me a lot. When he was the pastor that was the first time I had read in a mass. He also was the priest who gave my sisters and I our First Communion. He retired after my 4th grade year.

After he retired Father Stan became our pastor. He is still the pastor. He is a great priest. He was the first priest I served for. During school masses he will ask us questions about the reading, something related to the reading, if it is saint day, or if a special holiday is coming up. I think the questions were a good idea because that makes sure we learn something. His sermons are a little long though, but they still teach us. He is also very nice.

While Fr. Stan is the pastor another priest did come as another priest. It was Fr. Jenkins. He would split masses with Fr. Stan. His sermons were kind of like Fr. Jerry’s, short with a lot of information. He was a little funny. Also if you served with him you had to do it differently than with Fr. Stan. Now Fr. Jenkins is the chaplain at Fr. Thomas Scecina Memorial High School.

Lastly there is Sister Nicolette. She is the religion teacher. She is a very nice nun. She is also a very good teacher. She always tries to keep us on track and teaches us a lot. She always tells us stories about people she knows or read about, and herself to keep us interested and learning. Once she told us about a man named Howard Gray. He was a man who was picked on a lot in school. One kid was nice to him. Then he laughed when a couple of boys picked on Howard. He was a social wreck. Later, that boy and Howard became friends and started an organization that helps prevents bullying.

So many religious people have helped me become a better Christian person. Now I don’t mind going to church. I also know a lot more about the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

You are really a wonderful person full of God. Keep it up! Blessings, Mr. Ocampo

Anonymous said...

Mark, what a wonderful message. Have a safe and terrific summer. See you in August!
Mrs. L