Friday, May 1, 2009

Jesus' May Message

Each month, Anne, a lay apostle, receives a message from Jesus. This is the message for May. To read more about the locutions Anne receives from Jesus and His Blessed Mother click on this link: Direction For Our Times.

How often have I called you ‘My little apostles’? Have I ever called you ‘My big apostles’? Why do you think it is that I call you ‘little’? I will tell you. It is because each apostle, by his desire to serve, becomes little. He becomes little so that God can be glorified. If a person is serving Me, that person desires only My glory. If a person is serving Me, he desires to be seen as a servant of men, not as a master of men. In the case of leaders, this desire for humility must be even more pronounced lest the leader begin to believe that he himself is leading, as opposed to My great hope which is that I, Jesus, am leading through the man. I intend to send leaders during this time. You will know them by their spirit of service. You will know them by their humility. You will know them because they will help you to think of Me and what I need from you. No man is entitled to the glory reserved for God. No man is worthy of this glory. I only speak in this way today so that each man will consider his call to service as a call to holiness. I want each man to give credit to Me for the good that I allow to come through him into the world. Do you understand, little apostles? I am reminding you that all good comes from Me so that you will not be tempted to pride by the great fruits I send through your service and your commitment to Me. It is important that every apostle examine himself for signs and symptoms of pride. I ask this of you in a serious way today. We, together, are ushering in a time of grace, and graces will be apparent, not through your power but through Mine. Little apostles, do not believe that Jesus is scolding you. I am not. I am helping you to examine yourself to prevent difficulties, both for your holiness and for My plan. I will help you in this each day if you ask Me. Ask Me to send an outpouring of the Spirit to you whenever you are afraid that pride is troubling you. I will do this for you because I love you and because pride makes you so terribly sad. Pride is the great devourer of joy. You, My beautiful apostles, are entitled to joy and I send My joy to you today. All is well. We work together to perfect your soul.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who is following these messages, please read'name.htm

Also google "Anne the Lay Apostle"

This woman may be getting "messages", but they are not from Our Blessed Mother or our Lord.

We must be very careful when promoting private revelation. The Imprimatur on her books did NOT come from her Bishop, but from a Bishop in the Phillipines.

She encountered the "spirit" after a trip to Medjegoria, which is not approved by the Church.
It is our responsibility to prayerfully discern before believing and promoting private revelations.

Beverly said...

I have been reading these messages for 2 years now and have NEVER read ANYTHING that is contrary to our Lord's teachings of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. I believe that they are truly from our Lord and Lady...Beverly