Thursday, May 21, 2009

8th Grade Students' Haikus...on Ascension

Go into the World,
They will speak new languages,
He went up to heaven.
(Tyler M. 8th Grade)

Go into the world,
One day I will return here,
To God I now go.
(Wyatt B. 8th Grade)

Jesus was taken,
Taken up body and soul,
Seated at the right.
(Maddie L. 8th Grade)

Glorious is He,
To live with God in heaven,
Clothed in lumen clothes.
(Josh S. 8th Grade)

Jesus rose from them,
They were filled with His spirit,
They go forth to serve.
(Brandon S. 8th Grade)

Go into the world,
Jesus rose into heaven,
They preached everywhere.
(Megan P. 8th Grade)

Jesus rose above,
Took His seat at the right hand,
Apostles then preached.
(Chris B. 8th Grade)

Go out in the world,
Proclaim the Gospel to us,
God will come again.
(Shelby C, 8th Grade)
Proclaim the Gospel,
Whoever doesn't believe,
They will now believe.
(Pete P. 8th Grade)
Go into the world,
Who is baptized will be saved,
Nothing will harm them.
(Allie M. 8th Grade)
Jesus will ascend,
into heaven at the right,
Hand of the Father.
(Tommy B. 8th Grade)
Jesus said to them,
Go into the whole world and,
Proclaim the Gospel.
(Bobby M. 8th Grade)

Proclaim the Gospel,
To every creature to hear,
And you will be saved.
(Kyle K. 8th Grade)
Proclaim the Gospel,
These signs will accompany,
Whoever believes.
(Joseph F. 8th Grade)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent haikus! Keep up the good work kids!