Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sr. Patricia Dede's Vocation Story

"Dear God, lead me where you want me to go." As a high school senior in 1951, I frequently prayed this prayer as I was trying to decide if I wanted to enter religious life. God answered this prayer and led me to the Benedictine way of life and eventually to Our Lady of Grace. During my more than fifty years as a Benedictine that has continued to be my prayer. It led me through years as a teacher, hospital chaplain and administrator. It has led me to my present position as Minister to the homebound at St. Cecelia Parish in Clearwater, Florida. My duties consist of working with the homebound elderly in this very large parish. I take Holy Communion to the elderly in their homes and arrange for other volunteers to help with this privilege. I also organize a monthly Mass of Anointing and luncheon for the eighty plus elderly who attend.

A coworker and I conduct a bereavement program for those who have lost loved ones. Other duties arise as they present themselves. I know my grounding in Benedictine Spirituality; daily Mass, private prayer and scripture meditation give me the incentive and love of God's people to be happy in my ministry and continue to serve them joyfully. The prayer that became a part of me many years ago continues. "Dear God, lead me where you want me to go".

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thejobcoach said...

I said that same prayer as I know I have also been called to do God's work. Thanks for confirming.
Deidre Jones