Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Favorite Quotes from Volume One Part Four

I often wonder when I'm writing  my favorite quotes from Volume One if others are as moved by Jesus and Mary's words as I am.  I know I'm not so unique that I could be the only person who is touched to the heart by these beautiful words.  I just can't seem to get enough!  Imagine what heaven will be like when we have Jesus and Mary in person loving us and sharing all the heavenly mysteries with us face to face.  In the meantime, I'll continue to share my favorite quotes and encourage you to go to Direction for Our Times and learn more about the
 Volumes Anne has written.  

The following quotes are from Jesus taken from Volume One.

I want to speak directly to souls at this time.  Many souls are crying out for Me.  They think I do not hear. It is they who do not hear.  They are not listening for My voice, which must be heard in the silence of their heart.  A soul who does not put their self in a quiet state will not hear Me.  You, My child, have just blocked off your ears and closed your eyes for ten minutes in order to focus wholly on Me.  And we are communicating in a supernatural way.  But you understand that in order to hear Me, and it has always been this way for you, you must block out the noisy distractions of this world, which grow louder by the day.  (p. 77)

I would encourage souls to remove noise from their lives.  Turn off the televisions.  Turn off the radios.  Many conversations are better avoided.  In this new silence they will find their heart recollected.  In their recollected heart they will find Me, who has been waiting for them.  (p. 77)

I am here, dear soul.  You need only look into your heart.  I ache for you,  for your pain, for your loneliness, for your isolation. Each soul feels alone at times and understands that human consolation is empty.  They seek spiritual or heavenly consolation.  If you feel a stirring inside, it is your soul, seeking Me.  Answer your soul, My dear lost one,  for you will find Me waiting and I will solve all of your problems.  I can work in you in miraculous ways if only you will allow Me.  You have sought other consolations, which have disappointed you. Now, try Me, I am here.  I love you.  I await you.  (p. 78)

I want to address holy souls.  So often you become discouraged. You do not bear with yourself at all.  I, your Jesus, have endless patience with your flaws and weaknesses.  You  must trust Me to forgive you and overlook these human frailties.  (p. 78)

A true follower of mine is joyful and serene.  When you see Christians who claim to be following Me, but they are sad and morose, you should be alert.  Despair and depression do not come from Me.  My followers are given hope and a lightness of spirit, despite difficulties.  If you, yourself, notice you are feeling sad more often, it is because you are not connected to Me through prayer and the sacraments.  Be vigilant about your faith and you will not falter.  I am with you. I will never leave you.  Ask me for courage and courage will be yours.  (p. 81)

Work for Me first.  Always see to My interests first.  I will then bless your other endeavors.  (p. 82)

Unite your sufferings with Me, child, that I may benefit souls. should stop questioning My plan, method, or goals.  All you need do is be at peace and do the work I ask you to do.  I will NEVER leave you.  Be an example of peace to your brothers and sisters so that they, too, may desire union with Me.  You must strive for confidence in your God.  I will be with you, even until the end of time.  (p. 83)

May God bless you with all that is good.  Together we will continue to build the Kingdom of God.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thank you for being an example of peace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,
Rest assured - you are not alone. I am just as touched as you by these beautiful words. It is like a thirst you can't quench - you just can't seem to get enough! Thanks for continueing to share your favorite quotes.


Anonymous said...

when i read these i feel filled with the holy spirit, and, if i could quote fro mthe book i am reading, it is like its "pouring liquid love into my soul"

thnk you for sharing

all im telling u is im a student at holy name =)

Heather said...

Sr. Nicolette,

Those were some of my favorites as well. I already finished the second book and am reading it again because I liked it so much and there is so much to take in. Thanks so much for sharing these great books with me. Also I am reading your blog in cool is that.

Miss you,