Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Favorite Quotes from Volume One Part Two

If this is your first visit to my blog, WELCOME.  If you are an avid reader of my blog, THANK YOU.  Today's post continues with more of my favorite quotes from Anne's book, Volume One. By the way, today I started reading Volume Two.  I can't even begin to tell you what a delight this book is.  If you are looking for new reading material check out this website and place your order today.  You will not be confounded in your expectations! 

How could I be upset by such love?  I am with you My child, and your desire to be united to Me comes from Me.  You don't always do exactly what I want but I turn things so they benefit both your soul and My plan.  (p. 41)

I will protect you from souls such as these.  (P. 44)

Look at Me in My weakness, in the dirt.  How your heart is moved to pity for your poor Jesus.  Imagine how I feel when you fall, sometimes three times in one day.  Yes, your enemies gloat, and say she is not as holy as she likes to think she is. But I, I who am all light, what do I say?  I say, she is a humble soul.  Truly this soul who looks up to heaven and pleads for My help is a servant of Mine.  (p. 45)

I want to make this family a model Christian family.  This does not mean its members are perfect.  It means that each is helping the others to grow closer to God.  There must be love, yes, but also acceptance.  (p. 46)

Parents are far too concerned with their own entertainment.  The formation of their children suffers.  (p. 50)

Today you will be given the opportunity to pick someone up who has fallen.  I will tell you when it is happening.  It will be the same as if you are picking Me up after My fall.  (p. 53)

Yes.  Exactly.  An abundance of graces awaits any soul wanting them.  My mother offers them to her children with such hope and tenderness.  You must make this known to souls, particularly those souls who are in pain and feel unloved and forgotten.  Such souls often accept My graces willingly.  Go out and speak the name of Jesus Christ.  Go out and preach the gospel.  Make My name known to all, that all may be loved and be saved.  I am asking this of you today, and if you look for the answer, the answer will come to you.  Look closely into your daily life.  Where can you evangelize?  Where am I asking you to evangelize?  You will be given the answer in your heart, dear one.  I will put it there.  Truly, you will overflow with these answers, if only you will heed the sound of my voice.  (p. 58)

Enjoy loving God and serving God's people today.  Let's continue to pray for each other.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thank you for sharing the very powerful quotes with us. I too, enjoy the thought provoking words from Vol. One.