Monday, April 14, 2008

“If heaven has a lobby....St. Paul Hermitage must be it!”

It is because of St. Paul Hermitage the Sisters of St. Benedict first came to Beech Grove.  In the mid 1950's Most Reverend Paul Schulte, Archbishop of Indianapolis, had a dream to open a retirement home for lay people.  The Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, IN were growing larger in membership and were in the process of deciding whether or not to open a new community in Beech Grove.   Archbishop Schulte's dream was a perfect fit for the sisters and so it was decided a new foundation would begin in Beech Grove and they would own and operate a retirement home for lay people.

The Archdiocese gave the new community 30 plus acres of land on the edge of Beech Grove and soon the groundbreaking took place for both a new monastery for the sisters and the retirement home.  The sisters decided to name the new facility, St. Paul Hermitage in honor of Archbishop Paul Schulte.
Today, St. Paul Hermitage continues to serve the elderly in the Indianapolis area and beyond. The sisters have found their residents happily call St. Paul Hermitage "home" which is truly a blessing.  The service provided nearly 50 years is indicative of the commitment the sisters have held in preserving the dignity of the elderly.  Archbishop Paul Schulte had a dream...the Sisters of St. Benedict helped to make it come true!
Thank you Sr. Ann Patrice for providing the information for this blog.  You can read more about St. Paul Hermitage by checking out our website:

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