Thursday, June 14, 2012

Operation Lourdes Day One

June 14th... Finally here at last! Bags are packed and passports in hand, we'll soon be off to the airport. The bags will be much lighter on the way home once we deposit all the prayer requests! Our hearts are full of joy and excitement as we set off on this amazing journey, anxious to discover the graces that await us.

Thank you to the Holy Name Class of 2012 for this remarkable gift. You will be in our first prayers when we reach the Grotto.

We plan to blog daily barring unexpected technological challenges. Please keep us in your prayers and rest assured of ours!


Anonymous said...

I am with you in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Maryjo Buckel

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicollet,
Thanks for "taking us along" with you. Bon Chance!