Thursday, April 26, 2012


Last night the 8th Graders received the Sacrament of Confirmation. I asked the students to write one or two sentences about what being confirmed means to them. Enjoy!

Confirmation was an outstanding experience for me. I was a bit nervous at first, especially since I was the first to get confirmed, but it was a really great and exciting night.
-Sarah F.

Confirmation to me was like finishing my Baptism. It makes me feel like my life was completed from Baptism to Confirmation. Confirmation has made me more holy.
-Darcie S.

Confirmation was a really cool experience, the oil smelled a little funny, but over all it was a really awesome experience.
-Jacob G.

In my opinion, Confirmation means I am receiving graces to become closer to God in heart, and in spirit. I was anointed with the beautiful smelling Chrism by the Bishop. To me it represents how much God loves me, and I need to act more like God. I should adore, and praise Him.
-Amber M.

Confirmation meant taking a huge step in my life, and it made me realize how important God is in my life.
-Alyssa H.

Confirmation meant taking a step further in my faith; it means that I am willing to bear the name of Christ in all I do.
-Lindsey C.

What does being confirmed mean to me?
I loved the smell of the Chrism
It was cool having my name read aloud and being called forth
Bishop Coyne gave a wonderful homily
I liked dressing up
What I liked most about Confirmation was personally and publicly proclaiming myself to be Catholic
-Damon C.

Confirmation means taking up my faith. I took up my faith because I want to be close to God. Right now I feel closer to God because of Confirmation. It has greatly increased my faith and will help me preach the Word of God.
-Mason C.

Confirmation was a blessing to receive. Confirmation means to me that I am filled with the Holy Spirit. It was an honored to be confirmed by Bishop Coyne.
-Koy P.

Being confirmed made me feel a lot closer to God. When I got home I didn't want to take the Chrism off, so I took the cross of the Rosary Sr. Nicolette made me and rubbed the Chrism on it.
-Jade L.

Confirmation means a lot to much happens! I got a new name and I know the Holy Spirit joins me on my Catholic journey.
-Max V.

Confirmation means to me that I am really saying myself I believe in Jesus!
-Dolan M.

Confirmation was a really significant time. It made me feel closer to God. It was cool to get confirmed...I will never forget it!
-Ashley P.

To me confirmation means that I have a chance to grow closer to God, and to walk in His footsteps.
-Sarah J.

To me, Confirmation means continuing my journey in the Catholic faith. I am now a step closer to God.
-Emily B.

Confirmation was a really nice way for me to grow closer to God. It will help me in my spiritual life.
-Rebecca H.

I can't really put into words what receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation means to me. I know I will bear the words of Christ.
-Brad M.

Confirmation deepens my relationship with Jesus. I took personal responsibility to continue my life as a Catholic.
-Zach T.

Confirmation makes me feel like a better and holy person.
-Mia R.

Confirmation brought me closer to God. What a great experience for me. At first I was really scared...however, when the time came for me to receive Confirmation I felt at peace.
-Shelby G.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thank you for posting the students' thoughts and feelings. Sounds like the Spirit is alive and well with all of them!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words written by beautiful CHILDREN OF GOD! God bless you ALL, Mrs. Buckel

Anonymous said...

Big thanks to Mr. Chamblee and Sister Nicolette for preparing us for Confimation. It was such a great experience!
-Sarah Fox :)

Anonymous said...

Confirmation was an amazing, new experience! Thanks to everyone who helped us prepare for it. I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone else did!
-Emily B. (:

Anonymous said...

I loved Confirmation. It was a night I won't forget. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!
- Jade Luna . (:

Anonymous said...

I loved Confirmation, I had so much fun and a whole new perspective on my faith!
-Abby Lewis
I love Sarah Jay (:

Anonymous said...