Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8th Graders Serve at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen

The 8th graders continue to amaze me with their essays on what serving means to them. I think you will enjoy reading their work as well.

When I went to the soup kitchen I was excited to go. As soon as I got out of the car I saw a person sleeping on the ground and at that moment I thought to myself, 'Wow!' I am so lucky I don't have to sleep on a cold floor every night, cold, hungry, tired and no one to be with. When I started to serve I thought the people would be mad and mean to me. After awhile, I realized that they were not mean at all. They had manners and were very polite. After serving for awhile this teen came up and asked for Kool-Aid. He said hi to Anzley and me. Anzley asked him how old he was. He responded, 'I'm a sophomore in high school.' After talking to him I heard him say, 'If you ever get into trouble and hear the police just put your hood up.' Anzley and I laughed but I wondered if that was why he was here...because he got into some trouble. I saw lots of people and the same question kept coming to my mind, Why are there 5 times as many guys than girls? I was told that many of the guys got involved with drugs. I wondered if the drugs prevented them from finding a girlfriend and meaningful employment. For breakfast we served cereal and donuts and a few other items. I noticed that those who took cereal also took a lot of sugar. Large dosage of sugar, I was told, can trick the body into thinking it is drugs. The room I served in was small. The people had little space to eat. People kept coming in and out. I was busy at my station where I poured the drinks. Many people took up to four glasses at a time. They were very thirsty. I must have gone through about 10 gallons of punch. I realized that the reason they drank so much was because this was their last drink until tomorrow. So, they drank as if it was their last drink on the Earth. After it was all over I looked around and I was surprised that these people were not scary like I half way expected to find them. They are funny, nice and great people to be around and to talk to. It would have been great to spend all day with these people just to talk to them and hear their story. This will be a time I will never forget. I can't wait until I get to go again.
(Austin B.)

My experience at the soup kitchen was an interesting one. The soup kitchen was an experience I will never forget. It really made me glad to have the life I have. While there I helped serve the food to the people. I mainly helped out with the salad station. I noticed there were a lot more men than women. It really just felt good knowing I was helping people in need. A lot of people, including myself, sometimes doubt how lucky they are. They want things that are not essential to life, such as toys. What they don't realize is that there are people out there who don't have a home, don't have a car, and don't have enough or possibly any money to support their families. There are many ways to help people. Donating to a charity and helping out at a local food shelter are just two of many ways. Doing this doesn't only deepen your faith, but it also moves you closer to God and His kingdom. In conclusion, my experience at the soup kitchen was an interesting, yet at the same time, new experience for me. It will always serve as a reminder to me to always follow God.
(Matthew D.)

This wasn't my first time going to a soup kitchen but, it was my first time going to the Cathedral Soup Kitchen. When we were walking through the doors there was this guy sleeping on the ground. At that point I realized how blessed I am. Austin and I were serving Kool-Aid. Every person that walked by said, 'Thank you,' or 'God bless you.' They smiled at us. Every time someone smiled at me that made me smile, too. It was the best feeling ever to know an average 14 year old girl can make a difference in the lives of others. There was a young teenager who stopped by the soup kitchen before he went to school. He told Austin and me to stay out of trouble. I was blown away at how close in age we were. I couldn't imagine what he goes through every day. This trip to the soup kitchen made me see how grateful and thankful I should be!
(Anzley H.)

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good job 8 grad people who served in the soup kitchen . you guys and gals must of really enjoyed yourselfs meeting new people wonderful stories all of you very good