Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bishop Etienne's Coat of Arms

This is Bishop Paul's Coat of Arms. The left side represents the Diocese of Cheyenne. The right side represents the following: At the top is a river, representing the rivers that have passed through his life; The Ohio (Tell City), Tiber (Rome), Potomac (Washington, D.C.), Mississippi (St. Paul), White (Indianapolis), as well as the living stream of life, Jesus Christ. The tree represents both the Etienne and Voges families; the early generation of Etienne's were loggers, and the Voges family carpentry and construction; as well as the tree of life, the cross of Jesus Christ. The sword is for St. Paul, and the book represents the Sacred Scriptures and Preaching. The M is for Bishop Etienne's devotion to the Blessed Mother. The Sun symbolizes Christ, the Dawn from on High, as well as his general love of the outdoors.

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