Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vocation Essay

How do priests, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters help us to here God's call in our lives?

I think it is important for people to hear the call of God because if we don’t let God in our life who can we trust? I let God talk through me in prayer. In church the priest is like our connection to God. He speaks the word of God, he preaches like God, and he has the most knowledge about God.

When I am in class with Sister Nicolette, we listen to a message from God. These messages talk about following him, trusting him, and how we are the next nuns and priests of the future. They also talk about his church and how more and more people turn away from Him. He wants us to follow him forever.
Father Jenkins and Father Stan also teach us the word through the scriptures, and their own words. Their homilies are meaningful. The homilies are also long which gives them a bigger meaning and they help us hear the word of God better.

The incense calms me down more. The smell of it is so soothing and it helps me connect with God. When I am calm I am more focused and can hear the word of God better.

I also hear the word of God through nature. Nature is from God. That is the first thing He created and to me He shows himself mostly through nature. The quietness helps me to be with God one on one. The birds in the morning are like my alarm clock that God can only set and He sends them through His own power. The trees give us a new breath of air every breath we take. The wilderness is a great place to hear God’s call.

All of these examples are the ways I here God’s call.

Christian L. 7th Grade

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