Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sr. Julie Sewell makes First Monastic Profession

Today our community, along with family and friends, gathered to witness the  First Monastic Profession of Sr. Julie Sewell.

Temporary vows is a period of time where the woman lives the Benedictine way of life as if she were bound for life.   She practices and commits herself to the vows of obedience, poverty, celibacy, stability and conversion of life. She continues her personal and spiritual growth and deepens her personal incorporation of the monastic values as she prepares for perpetual vows.

The temporary professed sister works full time outside of the monastery and strives to live a balance life between the demands of her ministry and of the monastery.   She continues to meet with her formation director, usually on a bi-monthly basis, for spiritual direction and instruction. Classes remain an important part of this process as her studies prepare her for future goals.  

After a period of time deemed appropriate by her formation director and the Prioress, usually about five years, the temporary professed sister begins to make plans for monastic profession. She must follow the same admissions process as in her novice year to move on to the next step. She also attends BSWR (Benedictine Spirituality Workshop and Retreat), which is held annually for women preparing for final vows. It is a three week intensive workshop and retreat experience which she attends one year prior to her perpetual vows.  After the approval of the community, the sister may profess her perpetual vows where she makes a life commitment to God and to the community.

Sr. Julie works in the development office here at Our Lady of Grace Monastery. She also extends hospitality to all our guests.  You can read more about Sr. Julie's vocation story by going into the archives of this blog and clicking on Sr. Julie Sewell, OSB.  

Our community continues to thank God for the beautiful women sent to Our Lady of Grace Monastery.  This has been a great week of celebration with Heather becoming an Affiliate and Sr. Julie making First Monastic Profession.  Please join us in thanking God as well as asking God to continue to send us young, happy, holy, healthy women to Our Lady of Grace Monastery to further the work of Benedictines everywhere in our world.

In flame, O Lord, our hearts with the fire of the Holy Spirit.  May the Paraclete who proceeds from you enlighten our minds and lead us into the fullness of truth.  May our Sister profess by word what she has lived in deed.  This we ask through Christ our Lord.  


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Nicolette,
Thanks for sharing the good news about Sister Julie's First Monastic Profession! Julie is a good soul!

Anonymous said...

How is Sister Julie doing now?